Peace and joy

After the 2013 general election in Malaysia, most of us Malaysians fear for what is to come from the racial tension stirred by a few parties. My beloved family and friends in Malaysia may not be involved in provoking this matter but I do secretly hope and pray that they will not be victims of any unfortunate events.

I am wearing black to represent what had happened when the voting ballots were counted (please do not ask me what happened but rather, have a look at the global news on Malaysia).Image

Checkered shirt – Miss Selfridge, Blue leather skirt – Topshop, Gladiator heels – unbrandedImageImage

Pearl bracelet – Lovisa, Peace and joy bracelet – ToshopImageOwl necklace – Lovisa



Back to business

Monday is here again and I’m sure most of us would like to stay in bed for a little longer. I was no exception to this same problem and found it challenging to drag myself out of my bed. I swore I almost turned off the alarm and jumped straight back into bed. 

This is not my usual work attire (I actually have to wear my work uniform…abit boring but in a way, it does saves me money in the long run), although I do wear a white shirt on most days, alternating it with a blue stripe shirt on some days. These are the shoes that I wear to work everyday and I am trying to hunt down more black pairs of flats despite it being near impossible to find in Adelaide! I can be fussy with shoes on certain days as I can turn into the fashionista monster, rather than the practical being that I should be,Image

To be honest, I am a little irritated with how fast fashion trends change and can’t seem to keep up with it! If you try chasing every trend in the market, you may find that most of the clothes you have don’t agree with you for daily wear and that you have spent a lot of money on things you do not need. Like me for example. I am trying to pass my brand new, never worn before clothes that I have impulsively bought 2 years ago! Grr! Best to stick to what you are comfortable with and perhaps not go OTT with the trends (just in case it ends up in a major fail situation).Image

I do like structured pieces and have to admit that it can make an outfit look presentable with minimal effort.Image

White shirt – Armani Jeans, Blue skirt – Topshop, White and black cardigan – unbranded, Pink belt – Forever21Image

Singing my blues

When the weather changes, what does your truly do? Step out in blue colours from head to toe. I did not get much photos taken as I was in a bit of an errand run but I did wore sparkly blue earrings which screamed attention.Image

Blue mirror dress – Zara, Studded denim jacket – ZaraImageDirty pink flats – Zara

Just realized my entire outfit, minus the bag is from Zara. Not only does Zara manufacture excellent quality clothes but also one of the better workmanship that I have seen. Just too bad their clothes are much more expensive in Australia, compared to Malaysia or Hong Kong:(




I did not wear this to prom but I think it is a very pretty and feminine spring-ish dress to have. I wore this to one of my anniversary dinners with the boy and although it is fitting around the waistline, I loved every minute of it. Tiny floral prints are known to exude a slimmer figure anyways!Image

Remember those silly things we say to each other at prom? Or how about what weird antics we pulled off then? Goodbye to familiar faces and hello to a new chapter in life. Graduation prom is such a nostalgic event, isn’t it?Image

Denim floral dress – Miss SelfridgeImage

Sparkly bracelet – Collette HaymanImageMetal collar necklace – H&M


Memory for Sale

Being a shy girl in school, I always stay away from events that required girls to flaunt their assets (both physical and financially). Girls from my high school are usually loaded with credit cards and have amazingly slim bodies that can make a potato sack look glamorous. 

Sadly, I have to admit that I was at the bottom of the food chain. Nerdy, dorky librarian geek with braces, acne and a less than desirable figure. My self esteem was quite low at that moment to the extend that I didn’t attent my high school graduation prom night. Looking back, I wished I had as most of my friends went and I feel so leftover whenever people talk about their most memorable high school life.

Fast forward, I went to college, met a lovely bunch of classmates and we all went to our college graduation ball together. Minus the braces, I still had the geeky look on me and I remember not wearing any make up at all for the ball. All I wore was a simple black spaghetti top with a flowy skirt. Nothing fancy at all. Plus point was I had a truckload of pictures from that night and enjoyed myself immensely regardless of my attire.

And now, the last ball to attend: university graduation ball. It’s usually an annual event for every faculty but being the cheapo that I was, I didn’t think I should attend every single ball (the tickets weren’t exactly cheap and think of how many dresses you would have every year!). So..when I was a final year student, I mustered up the courage to get a decent dress, rock up to the ball with a fancy hairdo done up at a hair salon and makeup. Yep, think of it as all my youth regrets being extinguished all at once.

I wasn’t overly happy still. I kept wishing that I had tried something different (a long dress/ more/ less makeup, maybe lose some weight?!!). When I put on my prom dress that I wore for my final year ball (about a year ago), I was beaming with pride as that had definitely been a joyous moment for me.


It is a very pretty cream chiffon dress with bra pads attached to it and I bought it for about aud$100. It is still in mint conditions (no holes/tears etc) and fits a uk size 6 – 8. Goes very well with minimal accessories as the diamante embellishments gave the outfit sufficient bling for the night.


I am letting this go, only because I don’t want to see it go to waste. It is a lovely outfit that I have only worn once and am happy to pass on to a fellow blogger/reader/nerd in need of a suitable prom outfit to cast away all the bad memories gathered over the years.Image

I am selling this for aud$50 (excluding postage) and am happy to answer any queries regarding the sizing, material or even postage! This dress can be worn not only to ball, but to a wedding or even a 21st birthday party. Please do send me an email and I will reply soonest possible:)



I like colours, no doubts there. Believe it or not, one of my life’s motto would be to have a colourful personality which (hopefully) will attract the right type of attention. There are moments where I am in the mood for stronger colours and that’s when I go all out to dress the part.Image

One trick I have learnt whilst mix-matching colour combinations would be to be mindful of patterns and textures as it can bring an outfit together well and not appear too dull. Here, I paired this simple, plain and red sleeveless top from Zara with a fun pair of polka dot shorts from Topshop. Had my eyes on these shorts since they went on sale and I have worn them a couple of times already. Very comfortable material.Image

Red top – Zara, Polka dot shorts – Topshop, Black belt – Forever New.ImageImage

Ear piece – CueImage

Studded bracelet – Collette Hayman, Pearl bracelet – LovisaImageMonochrome shoes – Karen Millen

Have a lovely weekend, folks! 


Cookie jar

I would love to attend Coachella in the US! How lucky are folks there! Over the past few days, all I see on facebook and google are coachella updates be it in terms of fashion or music. Unfortunately for us here in Australia, we don’t have such a mega festive event (although we still do have our own little music festivals!)

Enough whinging from me. Here is an outfit that I have put together, based on the current cropped and floral trend that are spreading like wild fire. It was a tad chilly when I took this picture but nevertheless, the colourful-ness of the entire outfit was enough to put that smile on my face!Image

This sesame street inspired cropped top from Topshop was part of a pyjamas set but it was just too cute to not wear outdoors. I am a little shy with exposing my midsection so I decided to wear a jeans top underneath it. I love this top mainly because it has a bra padding attached to it so no more peekaboos from unsightly exposed lingerie!:)


Sesame street cropped top – Topshop, Jeans top – Guess, pink belt – Forever21, floral high waisted shorts – TopshopImage

Flats – Forever NewImageNeon orange necklace – Collette Hayman, Watch – Seiko