Come shop with me: Midyear sale in Adelaide

Managed to pop by a few shops along Rundle Mall and found a few nice looking pieces from French Connection but did not end up getting anything as I was anticipating further reductions in the coming weeks :p Thank goodness I did as the prices were reduced by a further 20% last week!


I was surprised at how many pieces I pulled from the rack and the gray sweatshirt would have to be my favourite. How unfortunate it is that the lovely blue and gold skirts did not look right on me:( I absolutely love their gold sleeve shirt but the material was quite thin, something that I rarely wear because I do not want to expose my flabs><

Another must visit retail shop would be Forever New. I love their feminine approach to fashion and just about all their pieces are beautifully crafted. I have noticed that more mature cocktail pieces were displayed this season and for someone who lacks curves in a few places, I thought the pieces fitted quite well:)


This particular dress had pockets in it and the tailoring is well-structured. Satin and bling for attending a luxurious gathering?


I have been dying to try on something with heavy embellishments on the shoulders and this item felt right. The black material was added a subtle mix to the outfit. 

After lunch, I managed to catch a bus and head to Burnside Village where the only Zara shop in Adelaide is located. I love Zara but I disagree with their prices 😦 Was looking for a decent pair of blue jeans for travelling but brought along other pieces to the changing room. Ah…the usual first world problems.


Tie dye shirt and leather skirt for a casual look?


I am still obsessed with military designs.


I was surprised at how well these pair of shorts fitted me. I tend to avoid shorts because I find them too fitting around my thighs but this was an exception.


These blue jeans were super comfortable but from memory, it would cost me $80 😦 Might have to wait for more affordable pairs of jeans to enter the market..

ImageStill contemplating on getting a yellow skirt/ top. Any recommendations?:)




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