Back to business

Monday is here again and I’m sure most of us would like to stay in bed for a little longer. I was no exception to this same problem and found it challenging to drag myself out of my bed. I swore I almost turned off the alarm and jumped straight back into bed. 

This is not my usual work attire (I actually have to wear my work uniform…abit boring but in a way, it does saves me money in the long run), although I do wear a white shirt on most days, alternating it with a blue stripe shirt on some days. These are the shoes that I wear to work everyday and I am trying to hunt down more black pairs of flats despite it being near impossible to find in Adelaide! I can be fussy with shoes on certain days as I can turn into the fashionista monster, rather than the practical being that I should be,Image

To be honest, I am a little irritated with how fast fashion trends change and can’t seem to keep up with it! If you try chasing every trend in the market, you may find that most of the clothes you have don’t agree with you for daily wear and that you have spent a lot of money on things you do not need. Like me for example. I am trying to pass my brand new, never worn before clothes that I have impulsively bought 2 years ago! Grr! Best to stick to what you are comfortable with and perhaps not go OTT with the trends (just in case it ends up in a major fail situation).Image

I do like structured pieces and have to admit that it can make an outfit look presentable with minimal effort.Image

White shirt – Armani Jeans, Blue skirt – Topshop, White and black cardigan – unbranded, Pink belt – Forever21Image


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