Memory for Sale

Being a shy girl in school, I always stay away from events that required girls to flaunt their assets (both physical and financially). Girls from my high school are usually loaded with credit cards and have amazingly slim bodies that can make a potato sack look glamorous. 

Sadly, I have to admit that I was at the bottom of the food chain. Nerdy, dorky librarian geek with braces, acne and a less than desirable figure. My self esteem was quite low at that moment to the extend that I didn’t attent my high school graduation prom night. Looking back, I wished I had as most of my friends went and I feel so leftover whenever people talk about their most memorable high school life.

Fast forward, I went to college, met a lovely bunch of classmates and we all went to our college graduation ball together. Minus the braces, I still had the geeky look on me and I remember not wearing any make up at all for the ball. All I wore was a simple black spaghetti top with a flowy skirt. Nothing fancy at all. Plus point was I had a truckload of pictures from that night and enjoyed myself immensely regardless of my attire.

And now, the last ball to attend: university graduation ball. It’s usually an annual event for every faculty but being the cheapo that I was, I didn’t think I should attend every single ball (the tickets weren’t exactly cheap and think of how many dresses you would have every year!). So..when I was a final year student, I mustered up the courage to get a decent dress, rock up to the ball with a fancy hairdo done up at a hair salon and makeup. Yep, think of it as all my youth regrets being extinguished all at once.

I wasn’t overly happy still. I kept wishing that I had tried something different (a long dress/ more/ less makeup, maybe lose some weight?!!). When I put on my prom dress that I wore for my final year ball (about a year ago), I was beaming with pride as that had definitely been a joyous moment for me.


It is a very pretty cream chiffon dress with bra pads attached to it and I bought it for about aud$100. It is still in mint conditions (no holes/tears etc) and fits a uk size 6 – 8. Goes very well with minimal accessories as the diamante embellishments gave the outfit sufficient bling for the night.


I am letting this go, only because I don’t want to see it go to waste. It is a lovely outfit that I have only worn once and am happy to pass on to a fellow blogger/reader/nerd in need of a suitable prom outfit to cast away all the bad memories gathered over the years.Image

I am selling this for aud$50 (excluding postage) and am happy to answer any queries regarding the sizing, material or even postage! This dress can be worn not only to ball, but to a wedding or even a 21st birthday party. Please do send me an email and I will reply soonest possible:)



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