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I would love to attend Coachella in the US! How lucky are folks there! Over the past few days, all I see on facebook and google are coachella updates be it in terms of fashion or music. Unfortunately for us here in Australia, we don’t have such a mega festive event (although we still do have our own little music festivals!)

Enough whinging from me. Here is an outfit that I have put together, based on the current cropped and floral trend that are spreading like wild fire. It was a tad chilly when I took this picture but nevertheless, the colourful-ness of the entire outfit was enough to put that smile on my face!Image

This sesame street inspired cropped top from Topshop was part of a pyjamas set but it was just too cute to not wear outdoors. I am a little shy with exposing my midsection so I decided to wear a jeans top underneath it. I love this top mainly because it has a bra padding attached to it so no more peekaboos from unsightly exposed lingerie!:)


Sesame street cropped top – Topshop, Jeans top – Guess, pink belt – Forever21, floral high waisted shorts – TopshopImage

Flats – Forever NewImageNeon orange necklace – Collette Hayman, Watch – Seiko



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