Monochrome part 1

There is something so attractive about red, black and white. It brings certain elegant mood into pictures and I can’t help feeling like I am starring in an old film (Audrey Hepburn wannabe moment? :p). These colour combinations are clear winners when it comes to colour pairing and it is my to-go-to-colours when I have absolutely no idea what to wear!


Believe it or not, this is my FIRST MNG dress that I have bought in Singapore. As a teenager growing up, I have always wanted to lay my hands on MNG items but due to lack of funds (and the fact that I never want to spend my parents hard earned money on myself), I never did get that opportunity. I was secretly envious of my school friends whom bragged about their favourite MNG moments. 

Fast forward down the track, I am now able to support myself financially and still have $$ to spare, I visited just about every MNG boutique in Singapore, in a mad attempt to break this virgin spell. This dress costs me about $SGD 80 and although it had a damaged zip (the sales assistant didn’t want to give me further discounts to compensate for it – it was the last piece in all their stores!), I still bought it anyways.

I wore this dress to a fancy restaurant in Singapore. The velvet, sequin and silk layer (combined with blood red velvet shoes) made this entire look felt luxurious and classy. What more could you ask for? 🙂



Black and white dress – MangoImage

Red velvet shoes – Miss SelfridgeImageImageImage

Charm bracelet – Thomas SaboImageFloral ring – Daisy by Marc Jacobs



3 thoughts on “Monochrome part 1

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